Yoni Eggs are an ancient tool used by the concubines and empresses of Royal China since the days of antiquity to cultivate chi/vital life force, increase feminine health and dexterity, and maintain physical beauty and health well into old age.

For thousands of years, the practice of using Jade Eggs was a closely guarded secret, restricted to the ladies of the Royal Court and select Taoist practitioners but today, women everywhere are beginning to rediscover their amazing benefits.

Yoni is a Sanskrit term meaning origin or cosmic womb; the seat of all creation. It has been and is still worshipped my many cultures the world over being recognized for it's creative potential.

Nephrite Jade Egg

Yoni Egg Benefits

  • Experience a heightened sensitivity during intercourse for you and your partner
  • Awaken to new levels of connection and arousal able to be enjoyed by both you and your partner
  • Increased libido and energy throughout your day
  • Increased lubrication during lovemaking
  • Improve energy, overall health, and physical beauty
  • Gain control over lady muscles that you may have not even known existed
  • Reduce intensity and duration of period symptoms including cramping
  • Recover quicker after childbirth
  • Enhance your Yoga, Qigong and Energy work practices
  • Can assist in bringing femininity back even after menopause

Many of these benefits can be experienced in just a few weeks! Each crystal has its own unique healing properties and usefulness in your life.
Not only is it a great tool for Kegels and strength training, it's also a powerful ally in your spiritual transformation.