4 fun yoni egg exercises for the busy woman

4 Fun Yoni Egg Exercises for the Busy Woman

Your Yoni Egg has finally arrived in the mail! A cheeky smile appears on your face and you have visions of a new life where your skin glows, your intimate partner is blown away in the bedroom, and you’re able to lift super heavy objects with your incredibly strong vagina.

But like all the rest of us, you start out with some honeymoon enthusiasm until the reality of life sets in, and your Yoni Egg quickly takes a back seat to all of the “more important” daily tasks you’ve committed to. Where will you find the extra time for your new practice?

I get it, life is hectic. It’s always hard to start something new, especially when you have work, yoga, dance, and a date with your special someone, all in a single day.

Traditional Taoist jade egg practices are great and all, but do you really have to create a sacred space, play soft flute music, lock your bedroom door and get into your horse stance? Not necessarily.

While it’s very much recommended that a special time be set aside for your new practice, you can easily integrate your Yoni Egg into your daily life.  Here are 4 fun ways to use your Yoni Egg...

1. Take Your Yoni Egg to Work Day

You have tons to do today.

ways to use your yoni egg

Super stressed at work? Your Yoni Egg can help!

You have hundreds of emails to answer and calls to make and your boss is breathing down your neck to accomplish someone else’s work that just quit. They’re putting some serious pressure on you these days and you think it’s time for a raise. Why not wear your Yoni Egg to work?

Simply pop it in during your shower and go about your day. While you go through the movements of your day, your yoni will naturally hold on to your egg.

When situations or people start to make you stressed, practice tightening and relaxing your yoni’s muscles. It will work to ground you while simultaneously awakening your femininity and creativity bringing you back into your power.

Your Yoni Egg will help to keep you from feeling too stressed and to remember to not take things too seriously. When you go to ask for the raise that you totally deserve, your boss will notice your glow, confidence, and the endless grace you display when handling all of those challenging tasks.

2. Yoni Egg Yoga

You’re really enjoying your yoga sessions but you want a little added stimulus. Wear your Yoni Egg to yoga!

As you flow from one position to another, the wide range of movement will add extra strength, balance, and dexterity to your lady parts. Not only will it benefit you physically, but adding your Yoni Egg to your practice will deepen your Sadhana as a whole, helping to cultivate and grow your feminine energy.

Aside from all of this, you’ll get an added benefit from working with the particular crystal type of your egg. Be prepared for some unique experiences.

3. Work it Out

fun ways to use your yoni egg

You may already make time for physical fitness, sweating it out in the gym to stay in shape. Well why not wear your Yoni Egg to those group exercise classes?

Did you know that many professional athletes experience urinary incontinence and a higher rate of hernias and pelvic organ prolapse?

Some serious bodybuilders have to wear diapers when they lift extremely heavy weight to make cleanup easier if they inadvertently go #2. This is because many exercises put an abnormally large strain on the pelvic floor causing the pelvic organs to bulge.

As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If your internal structure is weak, there is only so much benefit to working out the outside.

Wearing your Yoni Egg to the gym is not just a fun way to pass the time during your rest periods, but will strengthen your vagina, your pelvic floor, and help reduce the risk of internal injury.

4. Triple Date

Ok, so this is the first actual date you’ve gone on in a while and maybe you’re a little nervous and excited hoping it goes well. You’ve just gotten out of the shower and are rifling through your wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit and you see your Yoni Egg on your nightstand. With a gleam in your eye you think out loud “Noooo… should I?” Yes!

During the date, he’ll be wondering what he’s missing out on that’s keeping you giggling. Maybe he’ll even think what he’s saying is really interesting.

Believe it or not, men will notice a difference in the energy you put forward when when you’re using your Yoni Egg. Your energy will be turning and you’ll have a much easier time being present. The date will be more entertaining for both of you, and if things go well enough, you may get the chance to introduce him to your jade egg practice!

Try this fun way of using your yoni egg on a date


Using your Yoni Egg doesn’t have to be a huge production. The great thing about Yoni Eggs is that they can be used almost whenever, wherever. Be as creative as you want integrating your jade egg practice into your life.

Don’t forget to clean your egg physically before and after each use. It’s also important to energetically cleanse it every now and then. Your egg will begin to build up an energetic backlog after consistent use so it’s important to clear it.

Also make sure to take time to rest and relax your vagina. Imagine doing curls with your bicep all day long. It wouldn’t be as effective as if you gave the muscle a chance to soften and recover. This will help to build more suppleness and strength in your yoni and give you the skills if a Taoist master in no time!

As always, comment below and let us know about your experiences. We love hearing from you!

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