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5 Ways to Energetically Clear and Charge Your Yoni Egg

Why Is It Important To Clear And Charge My Yoni Egg?

In a given day, you’re exposed to a host of energies not all of them being positive. The crystalline structure of your egg can pick up the vibes of the energy you’re surrounded by. Keeping the energy free and flowing is a crucial piece of getting the most from your Yoni Egg practice.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Yoni Egg?

Much of your practice will be based on intuition. There is no “one size fits all” doctrine to determine what’s best for you. As a general rule of thumb however, the more stressful your life is and the more you use your egg, the more it should be cleansed.

If you’re sailing through life, things are going relatively well, and you use your Yoni Egg regularly, energetic cleansing 2-3 times a month is perfect. If you find yourself going through a rough patch or are struggling with finances, relationships, or your spiritual practice, your Yoni Egg can serve as a great way to reconnect to your sacred feminine energy and help with the healing process. In this case, it will serve you to cleanse more frequently.

Each Yoni Egg has a different crystalline structure and should be treated differently. Jade eggs are a little more stable due to their make up and may not need to be energetically attended to so often. However the Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs are more intense and can pick up and dole out more energy. These Yoni Eggs should be cleared and charged frequently to see their maximum benefit.

Ways to Clear and Charge Your Yoni Egg


Smudging is by far one of my favorite practices. It’s powerful and simple yet has amazing benefits energetic benefits as well as making your room smell great! Smudging is an ancient practice employed by many indigenous people for centuries. Drawing upon this fact and having a certain reverence and respect for the act and ceremony of smudging can make sure you get the full effect of its use.

I prefer to use white sage but you can use really any form of sage or palo santo. Make sure whatever herb you use is dry enough to burn and smoke. Keeping your smudging supplies in a sacred space in your home is also beneficial.

Have something to catch whatever ashes may drop, like an abalone shell or ceramic dish. Now light your bundle or stick and blow out the flame. Lace the resulting bellows of smoke around your Yoni Egg and thoroughly bath her in smoke. Again, use your intuition to guide you through the process a bit. 20 seconds or so of smoke exposure should suffice.

Sound Bath

Sound bowls are a great way to cleanse and charge yoni eggs and other crystals

Sound bowls can be a great way to access good vibes

Sound baths are an awesome way to effectively cleanse and charge your Yoni Eggs. You can use crystal singing or Tibetan bowls to bring up your vibes by simply placing your Yoni Egg in or near the bowl and get it resonating. The resulting frequency will reset your crystal’s structure and eliminate whatever energy it may have stored while being used.

You can also use tuning forks or bells to renew your egg if you don’t have access to singing bowls. Just place your Yoni Egg near whatever it is you’re using and start resonating.

I’ve seen people play music near their crystals too which can work but may not be as effective as using the other tools mentioned.

River Bath

Cleansing your yoni egg in a river can restore your egg's feminine spiritRivers have had an important place in our lives for time immemorial. They represent strength through yielding, power through grace, and mightiness by always seeking the lower path. This is why the river is the quintessential symbol of the “Tao.”

Rivers feed an abundance of life, are semi permanent and yet always changing. Not only can spending time near them do great things for your energy, spirit, and body, they can also help to cleanse and charge your Yoni Egg!

By placing your egg in cool, running mountain water, you are reconnecting it to the sacred feminine spirit of the earth. Just a brief dunk will do. 30-60 seconds is plenty.

Make sure your Yoni Egg doesn’t get washed away! Put it in shallow water or use something to hold your egg while in the water like a small mesh bag.

Also be sure to wash and sanitize your egg before using it again.

Yoni Egg moon bath

Develop your own Yoni Egg rituals to work with the moons energy

Full Moon Bath

Is it any wonder that our period cycle is totally matched up with the moon? Women are naturally aligned with this mysterious force.

When the moon is at it’s fullest point, in its full feminine radiance, it’ a perfect time to bathe your Yoni Egg. You can put your egg on whichever windowsill gets the most moonlight and leave it there until morning.

The full moon can be a great, rejuvenating event and is celebrated in many cultures. I encourage you to find your own rituals and develop your own sacred practice to appreciate this incredible, celestial event.

Sunlight can also be effective in clearing and charging your crystals. However, it’s more of an intense energy and if left too long in the sun your egg can actually lose energy.

Prayer and Intention

Tried and true, prayer and intention can have a huge impact on every facet of life but especially when it comes to your Yoni Egg practice. Reiki is a great way to cleanse and charge your egg but if you aren’t familiar with Reiki, a simple prayer and intention ceremony should do the trick.

You can put your egg on an altar or cherished space, or simply set it on a blanket in front of you. Sit down in front of it and close your eyes. After a few deep breaths, imagine white light being pulled from the universe, being channelled through you, and passing into your egg. This clears your Yoni Egg of unwanted energy.

After this, think of what it is you actually want from your practice. Is it to be more in tune with your body, or to heal from old relationships and past traumas? Maybe to expand your feminine radiance and have unbelievable sex. Let your egg and more importantly, yourself know what it is you want out of this.

Lastly, spend a few moments being grateful. Be grateful for your life, your ability to learn, grow, and heal, and this beautiful space you’ve created. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Creating space, visualizing, and being clear in what it is you want can produce drastic results. Exercise with caution!meditating over your yoni egg practice can have dramatic effects!

Come Up With Your Own Rituals

Mix and match to find what suits you best. Combine different crystal caring techniques and make it your own! You may find that a full moon nude swim works best for you with your egg tied around your wrist or neck. Maybe it’s a sound bath followed by smudging and intention setting. The possibilities are endless. Tap into your intuition and feel your way through the process.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Great read and amazing information. I just purchased my first set of eggs, started with the black obsidian (large) and did a ritual suited for me, but felt like there was more I could do to get the most out of my crystal and my energy combined. Trying to find information can be overwhelming but this had so much of the information I was looking for.

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