making friends with your shadow side

Make Friends With Your Shadow Side

In a world that seems to grow more sensitive by the minute, anything “negative” is quickly swept into a closet where the skeletons start to pile up. Well eventually, the door breaks open from the weight and all of those secrets come falling out onto the floor for everyone to see.

making friends with your shadow side

It's good to let the skeletons out of the closet

shadow side

Nietzsche contemplating his existential crisis

“Love and light” might be a great mantra for a while but what if you want to break something intentionally, or scream at the top of your lungs in desperate frustration? Should this significant aspect of our personality, endowed to us by our creator, be deemed unworthy and condemned to exile?

Love and light is but one spoke on the wheel of existence. What about destruction, sadness, darkness, and despair? These attributes all together are what give a person depth. Not some vain effort to artificially maintain a false sense of happiness.

Every step leaves a footprint, every body a shadow. Life feeds on life and there’s nothing condemnable about it. It’s the nature of the universe.

Your shadow side is one of your best friends in this life, pointing out potential physical and emotional hazards. Stop trying to kick it in the genitals.

So give up pretending that everything is perfect all of the time. Give up thinking that it needs to be. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts but welcome the events that come into your life with equanimity and take things as they come.

Express anger when you want to. Express love when you want to. Don’t let the modern world’s fascination with political correctness drive you into the madhouse. Be real, be honest, BE YOU.

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