Women’s Circles and 5 Reasons You Should Join One

Let’s Face it, Being a Woman Can be Tough.

Many times we try to be everything to everyone filling hundreds of roles simultaneously. We put so many others’ needs ahead of our own leaving us to feel exhausted, depleted, and oftentimes lonely. There is an immense pressure to be beautiful, graceful, pleasant, a good listener, host, etc, etc… and the list goes on!

Being a modern day woman comes with many stressors and in our to-do list oriented society, we get very little time to consider our own wellbeing. Instead of finding the emotional support and inspiration we need, we oftentimes just swallow our emotions believing we should grow up, be strong, and put our big girl dresses on.

Well you don’t have to do it all alone. In fact, for time immemorial women have leaned on one another for support and drawn from the deep well of the Goddess spirit. Women are strong alone but even stronger together. Now is the time to be around people who get you--who will listen, offer strength and wisdom, and get the creative juices flowing again. It’s time to join a women’s circle and here are the reasons why.

You’ll Be in a No Judgement Zone

Your women’s circle is the place where you can go for psychological and emotional empowerment. Sometimes it’s easy to feel alone in the crowd and lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your circle is the place where you can slow down and take time to grow and cultivate relationships with other women who have been where you are or may be going through what you are now.

In a world of 7.6 billion people, no matter how unique you feel your situation may be, there is a good chance someone’s been through exactly what you’re going through. This is the time to air out the ball, be heard, and find that much needed support and guidance that may be missing from your life.

It may sometimes feel like you can’t express yourself fully around your intimate partner, family, coworkers, or friends, and it’s understandable. When your self love practice simply isn't enough, your women’s circle is the perfect space to really open up and let it all out. Take turns, speak your mind, speak your heart, and be present with each other. Share your deepest fears, ambitions, and utilize your collective power.

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. -Diane Mariechild

You’ll Develop Strength

Women are strong, fierce, and empowered! Now more so than ever, we see women holding positions of political, corporate, and social leadership.

While life can oftentimes drain us of energy, when we come together in support like this, we grow strong. We become part of a group mind or group intelligence, capable of achieving levels of inspiration we couldn’t have come to on our own.

Draw upon the women in your group’s experiences and ask for help. Put it out what it is you’re going through and you may be surprised to see how much support you get. After all, there is strength in numbers!

You’ll Build an Unbelievable Network

Your circle is a great place to meet other women and network. Establishing a safe space like this will allow for a more intimate dialogue helping to grow and crystallize your new kinship. Bring others into your circle by extending the invitation and watch new relationships blossom.  Maybe you’ll meet the business partner you were looking for or be introduced to a friend of a friend who just happens to be holding the missing piece of your puzzle.

Many people underestimate the power of networking but as the saying goes “your network is your net worth.” The only thing we really have in this life is the people we know and the value we add to each other’s lives. Surround yourself with great people. Maybe they have characteristics you aspire to incorporate yourself, or they’re in a place financially or spiritually that you hope to be. Maybe they have a marriage or business you admire. Associate closely with these women and watch your life begin to change.

You’ll Leave Feeling Blissed Out and Empowered

Sometimes life really punches you in the gut. It’s easy to fall down rabbit holes of depression and anxiety. Whenever you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your career, relationships, life, etc, lean on the women in your circle for support.  

Draw upon the strength of the community you’ve helped build. Chances are, one of your ladies have been in your shoes and know just the right bit of advice to get you up and moving again. Even something as simple as a hug or just having someone to listen, can really elevate your mood and get you feeling good again.

womens circles are great places to come for support

You’ll Learn So Much!

It can be easy in today’s world to be totally wrapped up and absorbed in your own story and what’s going on with you in your life. Taking the time to listen to your ladies talk can really get you out of your own head and viewing things from a totally different perspective.

The art of listening instantly gets you out of that isolated and lonely “me” perspective and reminds us that there are other people on this planet going through some intense things as well. Listen to the challenges they’ve faced and the things they’ve done to overcome them. You’ll be surprised how much you can take away from the simple art of listening.

In Conclusion

Do yourself and your fellow woman a huge favor by joining a women’s circle.  Not only will you benefit dramatically, but so will the circle of women you join. Grow together, challenge each other, learn and love. Pretty quickly you may ask yourself, why didn’t I do this sooner?

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